Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc.

Our mission is to make the world a healthier and safer place by providing the most effective and safest sanitizing solutions available.

We have developed the world’s first proprietary non-alcohol, non-toxic, and hydrogen-based cleaning technology. The technology, called Hy-IQ®️ Water, has a unique method of action that kills pathogens, bacteria and insects through physics, not chemicals, and is environmentally-friendly. Preliminary research has proven that it is more effective in killing pathogens than alcohol-based solutions and we are currently seeking FDA-approval to become the first federally-approved hand sanitizer for our product DermAphex®️. We already have EPA-approval for a best-in-class fruit and vegetable wash, VegAphex®️.

From your home to your pets to your skin, our solutions can help you take care of the planet, save money, and protect those who you love by eliminating harmful pathogens and germs.

Proud Inventor of:

Alcohol-free. Non-irritating | Child Safe. Non-flammable | Hypoallergenic. Scent free. | Prevent the transfer of germs.