VetAphex® Wound Wash & Skin Protectant 

Designed for your favorite furry friends and family members, this dual-purpose, alcohol-free wound wash and antiseptic is non-irritating, gentle on skin and provides full germ-killing power for many hours after it is applied. Spray VetAphex® directly on the wound or on a cloth to prevent infections and support healing. VetAphex® uses hydrogen in its Hy-IQ® Water technology to provide sting-free care that makes treating your pets in a safe, effective way.

Product Benefits:


Will not stain surfaces, skin, hair (non-bleaching)


Kills 99.9% of germs

The Good Skin Effect:

The Aphex water based Hy-IQ™ solution has proven in test results to be safe and will not damage or dry out the skin.