Aphex BioCleanse Systems® products are based on technology and are designed to effectively kill 99.99% of germs without the side effects of alcohol. Powered by nature’s chemistry, they effectively kill germs even after drying. The family of products includes DermAphex® perfected to kill germs without the effects of alcohol, leaving skin smooth and fresh. SanAphex®, a surface disinfectant that will not bleach or discolor surfaces. MedAphex®, an innovative sting-free wound wash. VetAphex®, for the protection and treatment of animals and livestock.

All products leverage the ionically charged Hy-IQ® Water proprietary water-based delivery formula. Hy-IQ® Water products are safe, effective, gentle on skin and surfaces, and contain no artificial colors or fragrances.

Health Care Professionals follow strict hand cleaning protocols. While use of alcohol-based sanitizers is intended to keep patients and health care professionals safe, the side effects can be painful.  Gel-in, Gel-out, often leads to both extreme discomfort and non-compliance.  Furthermore, bacteria can enter Health Care Professionals’ dry, cracked skin and raise the chance for infection and spread of disease. DermAphex® kills 99.99% of germs and supports clean hands without the drying effects of alcohol.  DermAphex® wears like a hydrating, protective glove for hours.

  • Hy-IQ® Water kills even the most difficult super-germs, even after drying.
  • Increases hand sanitizing compliance, “Gel-in, Gel-out”.
  • Water-based, it is Nonflammable and safe for the work place.


Schools and Day Care

Common germs are spread by touch. In school settings, children are constantly in contact with germ laden surfaces and each other. For years, health officials have reminded teachers and students to cover mouths when coughing and to wash hands often. Good advice is often not followed. As schools deploy common hand sanitizers, reports of children affected by the alcohol, whether absorbed through the skin or consumed, are making headlines.  Alcohol exposure is an avoidable risk and is solved with the water-based formula of DermAphex® and SanAphex®Hy-IQ® Water keeps classrooms, lunchrooms, lavatories, and buses safe and germ free.


In the Home

Hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants are common in most homes. The problem is that bleach or alcohol-based products are marginally effective, can burn skin, bleach surfaces, and are potentially toxic and flammable. DermAphex®, a gentle water-based formula, kills 99.99% of germs. SanAphex®, quickly kills 99.99% of germs on surfaces and lasts longer. All Hy-IQ® Water products remain effective even after drying. They will not beach or discolor surfaces, are nonflammable, and contain no dyes or fragrances. Hy-IQ® Water products are child-safe, with no alcohol side effects.

  • Effectively kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Child safe, no alcohol side effects, nonflammable.
  • Hypoallergenic. Scent free. Dye free.

For Your Pets

  • We love our pets and they’re an important part of our families.  Produced with the same care we put into all of our products, VetAphex® shares the same benefits as our MedAphex® line. The ionic-charged water-base formula simultaneously kills 99.99% of germs and hydrates the wound. In contrast with alcohol, which stings, dries the skin, and slows the healing process. VetAphex® promotes natural germ-free healing.