Aphex™ Independent Lab Test Data

Killing germs is a serious business. At Aphex™ BioCleanse Systems, we back our products with independent lab testing.  Our products are tested continually in order to assure the high-quality results our customers expect and deserve. At Aphex™ we develop complete protective systems for many industries, and each of our products is put through a rigorous series of tests to maintain our high standards.

Important Note Regarding Product Name Change

Our hand sanitizer line has recently undergone a re-branding based on our market research. Because of the hydrating effect, our product has on skin tissue (human as well as animal) we renamed our hand sanitizer from “DermAphex” to “HydrAphex™”. This new name embodies the natural essence of our product.

The following test results were derived prior to the name change, and as a result, the test data refers to DermAphex instead of our new name.

Our formulations have not changed since these tests were conducted, and therefore the data is applicable to our HydrAphex™ product line exactly as it was for the DermAphex product mentioned within the following reports.