Aphex™ BioCleanse Systems products are based on a technology called Hy-IQ® Water that uses nature’s chemistry, hydrogen and a process called Lysis, to effectively kill 99.99% of germs without the side effects of alcohol. 

99% of today’s disinfectants are alcohol or chemical-based, often ridden with harmful, toxic side effects. These products feature many unnecessary ingredients and fragrances that are not good for the skin or the environment. Aphex™ has found a way to avoid all of these issues and make a cost-effective solution that is so safe, it could be ingested. Aphex™ products are: 

  • Non-toxic
  • Hydrogen-based
  • Non-flammable
  • Hydrating for your skin
  • Non-scented
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Environmentally-friendly and pesticide-free
  • Have a long shelf life and can be kept in a variety of environments, outdoor and indoor.  

These products can be used in both professional and personal care settings such as in the home, office, hospital, veterinarian office, school, and almost any place where you need to stay clean. Especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all seeking to keep every area of our life as germ-free as possible.

DermAphex®: A hand-sanitizer that will keep your skin soft and hydrated

SanAphex®: A hard surface disinfectant that kills germs in your home fast

MedAphex®: A sting-free germ-killer for scapes, cuts and wounds

VetAphex®: A pet-safe wound wash and skin protectant

AgrAphex™: A non-toxic insecticide for all your bug and pest issues

VegAphex®: A fruit and vegetable wash so safe you can spray and eat right away

DentAphex®: A mouthwash safe enough to swallow but powerful enough to kill germs