David Weaver, President/CEO

David Weaver holds over 40 years of experience in engineering and design and is responsible for the creation of much of Aphex’s proprietary formulas. Previously, he spent over two decades as an optical engineer for Eastman Kodak, where he earned a name for himself by streamlining the company’s technology and operations, training its team around the world and innovating for the photography industry. Following his role with Eastman Kodak, Weaver went on to found his own digital camera company, where he led the company to sell over $100 million within the first year through his innovations. He also helped Motorola launch the first-ever camera phone. At Aphex, Weaver brings his innovative mindset, passion for disrupting the status quo and entrepreneurial spirit to the team.

David Olund, Executive Vice-President

David Olund, Executive Vice President of Aphex, has found his niche in leading publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies to success. During his 40-year career in finance, Olund has consulted for multinational corporations, created financial products and helped take them to market and spent over a decade guiding OTC-traded pharmaceutical companies. He was chosen to serve as a regional financial consultant for Leiman American Express at just 23 years old and founded his own boutique financial planning firm at 24. In more recent years, David has consulted for Universal Administration Corp and Zapvir, Inc. At Aphex, Olund guides the company’s financial strategy, including executing its financing plan and merger and leads Aphex’s business development.

Anthony Marotti, Investor Relations

Scott Buckley, Plant Manager

Becky Buckley, Supply Manager